WP DryDock

A slightly opinionated, OS-agnostic WordPress development environment built on Docker.


  • ~5 minute setup (Depending on download speed).

  • Uses Dotenv for environment variable management.

  • Uses PSR-4 Autoloader to encapsulate functionality.

  • Keeps sensitive configuration details private.

  • Keeps content separate from core.

  • Keeps functionality separate from theme.

  • Uses Laravel Mix, a wrapper for Webpack, to compile styles and scripts.

  • Each project is easy to spin up and lives in complete isolation.

Be sure to keep theCOMPOSE_PROJECT_NAMEenvironment variable unique to each project, or you may encounter conflicts with Docker.

The Default Installation

  • Installs the latest version of WordPress.

  • Includes a bare-minimum theme.

  • Registers a Primary Navigation menu.

  • Registers a Primary Widget area.

  • Includes the Post Types library for generating Custom Post Types & Taxonomies.

  • Loads Advanced Custom Fields Standard (Activation optional, set in .env).

  • Includes Debug Bar and WP Query Monitor (Activation optional, set in .env).

Not for Use in Production Environments

The Docker environment is not intended for use on production servers. It is secure for use only in a private, local development environment.