• Download and install Docker

  • Clone this repository to your working directory, this will be referred to as PROJECT_ROOT

  • Open .env and set your environment variables

  • From PROJECT_ROOT run docker compose up -d

    • Docker will download the images and start the appropriate services.

Useful Docker Commands

  • docker commands can be run anywhere on the host system.

    • docker stop $(docker ps -aq): Stop all running containers (Global)

    • docker exec: -ti <container_name> bash: Log in to a container.

    • docker ps: List all running containers. Shows container names.

    • docker rm $(docker ps -aq): Remove all containers /!\ Global thermonuclear troubleshooting, use with caution)

    • docker rmi $(docker images -q): Remove all images /!\ Global thermonuclear troubleshooting, use with caution)

  • docker-compose commands must be run from PROJECT_ROOT

    • docker-compose up -d: Build all images, containers and bring up all services. Needed for first run.

    • docker-compose stop: Stop all services

    • docker-compose start: Start all services

    • docker-compose down: Shutdown all services and remove containers.