Default Install

  • The latest release of WordPress core is installed at /app/core

  • The wp-content moved from /app/core/ to /app/lib.

    • This sidesteps a browser error that occurs when the default theme isn't activated.

    • Handy if you forget to activate a theme before loading the site, or just want to use a default ''Twenty Something' theme.

  • /wp-admin is moved to /core/wp-admin

WP Admin

/wp-admin can be found at /core/wp-admin

Change WordPress Version


  • Edit: ./composer.json

  • Change: "johnpbloch/wordpress": "^5.0" to: "johnpbloch/wordpress": "version.number.here"

  • Delete: ./composer.lock


  • Delete all directories and files from /app/core.

  • Replace with files from your desired WordPress version.

Disable WordPress Core Install

  • Edit: ./composer.json

  • Remove: "johnpbloch/wordpress": "^5.0"

  • Delete the following from: ./composer.lock

"extra": {
"wordpress-install-dir": "app/core"