Quick Start


  1. Download and Install Docker‚Äč

  2. Clone the repository to your working directory.

  3. Copy ./.env.dev to ./.env

  4. From your project root run docker-compose up -d

  5. From your project root run docker exec -ti wpdd-php bash This will log you in to the PHP container at the web root, which is /var/www/html

  6. From var/www/html run ./buildfresh.sh

  7. In a browser, go to http://localhost to configure WordPress

  8. Activate the Keel Theme

  9. Develop.

WP Admin

/wp-admin is now located at /core/wp-admin

Windows Users

Windows Users: Depending on how your personal machine is configured, you may run into a couple of issues. If you encounter an error while running the buildfresh script:

  1. Open buildfresh.sh in your text editor

  2. Set the line endings to LF

  3. Re-run buildfresh.sh

  4. If the error persists:

  5. From the PHP container at /var/www/html run chmod +x ./buildfresh.sh

  6. Re-run ./buildfresh.sh